04 April 2008

Springboarding ahead, but still with a lot to learn

So happy to see this post on the ACRLog and the Springboard event. And it makes me happy on a variety of fronts.

First, I am glad that librarians were able to listen to Henry Jenkins, an author and speaker whom I respect and enjoy reading a great deal. My students read his Convergence Culture in my Society and Technology class and always with great results: lively discussion and challenging questions.

Second, as I continue to prep for Computers in Libraries, I think the points made about ways in which we need to facilitate the collaborative and interactive nature of information and the world for students can be taken even further. What about the faculty? Innovative thinkers like Jenkins notwithstanding, most faculty need librarians to act as facilitators through the overwhelming load of information too!

Third, I am so glad that the talk and the post deal with the issue of students who do not have round the clock access to computers or the web. Again, I think we are often so concerned with those students who are bopping around the web freely that we sometimes forget there are other users too.

My only criticism is that there is not a "play it again" feature. I was signed up for the event but at the last minute had to attend a meeting. For an meeting that advocated for librarians to have up to date technology skills, offering the chance to download the talk for later listening shows that we do still have a lot to learn.

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Greg Schwartz said...

My good friend (and roommate at CiL) David Free spoke to Henry Jenkins after the Springboard event: