30 April 2008

Passion Quilt Meme

The undeniably amazing Greg Schwartz tagged me for the Passion Quilt Meme. The point is to take a photo from Flickr’s Creative Commons and caption it with a statement that you feel passionate about for children.

Oh so easy? Yes and no.

It was easy to take an absurd amount of time to look at photos and marvel at the creativity and elegance of so many photographers.

It was not so easy to pick just one.

But, here is my pick.

My caption, "There are green fields in us all" helps me remember that no matter what happens to pull on me, to distract me, to disable me...and those things happen...there is a space within that is serene, that is open, that is natural, that is free of obstruction and abstraction. There is a green field in us all.

How does this apply to libraries?
Ask Jenica, who plowed forward the other day, keeping her head in the game while she dealt with frustrations, annoyances, as well as small rewards.
Ask Aaron, who reminds us that life is wonderful and sometimes messy as we deal with patrons and problems of all shapes and sizes.

Those two posts really helped me decide on my caption.

I am passionate about optimism. We would be kidding ourselves and the children this meme is meant for if we didn't admit that things happen, get in the way, don't go according to plan, or fall apart. They invariably do. But there are green fields in us all. Within them, there are solutions, alternatives, cool breezes, and up ahead.

Who's on deck?
David Silver
Rudi Leon
Eric Sizemore
Cliff Landis
Brandi Tuttle


Kalar said...
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Greg Schwartz said...

Sweet. Nicely done. Recommend you delete the first comment. Nastiness.

Brandi Tuttle said...

Alright, I couldn't wait till the weekend. Here's my Passion Quilt http://flickr.com/photos/radical_librarian/2455134760