21 September 2009

Opportunity Lost or Just a Library Saved?


The Philadelphia Library system is staying open. Here is the announcement from the Free Library.

Here is also an interesting post by Jessamyn about it. I think she makes an interesting point about believing in our elected officials. But....that's fine line. What is a girl to do? One minute we need to rally, engage, communicate, and be a part of the change. And then there are times when we should sit back and assume all will be well. I get the gist of what she is saying but it still doesn't sit well with me.


Because every problem is an opportunity. And we missed one.

What really bothers me about the lack of action and organizing is that we missed an opportunity. Librarians could have used this as a moment to engage and organize around addressing legislatures, speaking out for our communities, and demand more. More support for libraries. More funding. More commitment so that something like this isn't even a question. Then we wouldn't have to have PR stunts like Philly pulled.

But we didn't. We just let it go because really, who is really going to close a library?

What about you? Did you follow this story? Did you engage others? Why? Why not? Is this an opportunity lost or just another library saved?

15 September 2009

Hello? Opportunity? Is that you?

Opportunity knocks. You have to decide if you are answering the door.

Well, I am answering. My incredible partner in crime and constant source of inspiration, Rob Williams, and I are taking our show on the road. Our enthusiasm, prowess for things digital, and creative energy around social media is coming to Vermont's Upper Valley in early October. We are looking forward to working with artists a bit south of here to make their foray into social media.

Here's the description. If you have questions, let us know! If you are interested, SIGN UP! If you are reading this, please share this opportunity with others. I hope to share more opportunities like this in the future!
Twitter Me This: How Writers and Artists Can Harness New Web 2.0 Media For Creativity and Business Success

TEACHERS: Rob Williams, Ph.D. and Sarah Cohen

SPONSORED BY: The Writer's Center and Vermont Commons: Voices of Independence.

WHEN: Tuesday, October 6th from 6-9 p.m.

WHERE: White River Junction's Center For Cartoon Studies.

COST: $30

DESCRIPTION: Are you a wordsmith who hates the thought of wrangling the Web? Then come to this three hour workshop, where we'll teach you how to harness the power of new Web 2.0 tools - Twitter, Blogger, Google, RSS Readers and more - to support your work as both a writer and an entrepreneur. Sign up for this workshop, or find out more information by contacting Rob Williams at editor@vtcommons.org or (802) 279-3364 (mobile yak phone).

14 September 2009


I am from Philly. And I love it there. I don't follow sports much but I always cheer when the Birds, the Phils, the Flyers, or the Sixers are playing simply because I am proud of my city.

But that's over.

That is if Philadelphia libraries close on Oct 2nd. Here is the WAY TOO BRIEF article from the Philadelphia Inquirer.

According to the Free Library's blog:
At stake are over 700 jobs, loss of access to information and resources including 800 public computers for Philadelphians and no place to go after school for over 80,00 students.

With almost 7 million visits annually and 22 million hits to its website, the Free Library is the most heavily used of all institutions in the city. As the largest provider of internet access in a City where 41% of homes lack web connection, the Library provides the essential link to information, jobs and resources found only on line.

So here's what I think: get the social media machine to work. TWEET it! Use hashtags: #savephilly #libraries
Send your tweets to @PhiladelphiaGov and @Philly311. If you have other suggestions, SHARE THEM!
Donate your status to Saving Philadelphia Libraries.

The Free Library of Philadelphia also has an ACTION PAGE.

ACT. CALL. WRITE. TWEET. If you are in Philly, let us know what else we can do!

Libraries will get us through time of no money better than money will get us through times of no libraries!