14 April 2008

Loving Feevy Today

While I know there are 1000 reasons for my RSS feeds, there is something wonderful about Feevy. After meeting such an incredible slew of creative, dynamic, and freakin smart librarians at CiL, I have finally had the chance to add just a few of them to the Feevy roll. I also had the chance to add some actual faces to blogs I have been reading for a while and just never knew the faces behind the words.

And that's what I love. While I doubt I will make my way to Internet Librarian, so I might not actually meet up with many of these people face-to-face again for a year, Feevy let's me keep that face to that name on my blog. And that has value to me. Especially when I have portraits like those from Cindi Trainor to use as the thumbnail.

So I look forward to reading a lot of these blogs and glad I can think about how much I enjoyed finding out about them as they come down the blog roll

1 comment:

david silver said...

feevy's my favorite tool, widget, app, whatever - i love it.

great post sheck.