13 March 2009

Percolating the Power of Play, ACRL 2009

We just finished presenting our paper, "Percolating the Power of Play" at ACRL. What a terrific turnout for 8 am! We were very fortunate to have such a terrific group of presenters before us, " We're Not Playing Around: Gaming Literate Librarians = Information Literate Students" from three librarians at Washington State University-Vancouver. I am especially glad to have met Nicholas Schiller. He and I seem to be eye-to-eye in our thinking that by talking to students about how they play games can and will help them understand how information literacy is already a valuable part of their lives.

Also great to see Jenny Levine in the audience! It was her creation of the ALA TechSource Gaming and Libraries Symposium that hatched the idea of an info lit game at Champlain in the first place. As I look back at my thoughts on that conference, I am reminded of how much I expanded my view of gaming from it and how much working with gamers has expanded my view of the role gaming can play in libraries and information literacy instruction.

If you want to have a look at our slides, please do and feel free to ask questions! The audiece asked some terrific questions, which is always the best part of presenting!

I am off to my next session. ACRL Rocks.

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