24 March 2009

IL for the RD

Library Society of the World is so clever. They are embracing the full power of user generated content by allowing us to celebrate our own successes. We all have stories we want to share and now you can as a Shover and Maker.

My story is in terms of information literacy. Sometimes it is hard to be banging the IL drum. Sometimes it is hard to walk into classes and try to engage students. Sometimes it is hard to be creative and inquisitive. But then you have moments where you see the lightbulb go on. When you see students get that you are talking about much more than the library. That you are talking about thinking about information and how we use it. That it is IL for the RD (real deal).

It's great to get these successes out in the open. Rock on Josh Neff and Steve Lawson. You are helping every librarian feel the power of their contribution to the field. And that can only lead to more energy, enthusiasm, creativity, and innovation.

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