23 April 2007

The Rough Life: Which article to talk about first?

I have a vow not to check email or be on a computer over the weekends, except to watch movies on our laptop since we don't have a television. So I leave my computer for two days and voila: an outstanding array of articles that remind my being librarian ROCKS! I spend my time reading about the coolest stuff!

From a process point of view, I have to list the articles of interest so I don't lose them (I am the kind of person who has to write it down for it to be mine). Posts on these various articles are forthcoming:

1. Sunday NYT had a fascinating piece on Twitter, a technology that was on my list for the Exploring New Technology thread. Let me also take this opportunity to give a shout out to the NYT Sunday Business Section! They are the most library friendly section of any major newspaper: from digitization, to home cataloging, and now a wave of articles on social networking software. Hats off to them and I hope the trend continues!

2. An important piece in today's NYT on the important role Wikipedia played in collecting, organizing, and facilitating information on the Virginia Tech shootings. Highly demonstrative of changes in wikipedia's editorial structure but far more importatntly, the value of collaborative information gathering and disseminating.

3. James Fallows, who I have always respected since reading his "Breaking the News" in college, wrote a disappointing piece about the lack of software to facilitate document sharing. Interesting in two ways: a) how it contrasts the wikipedia piece above, and b) how it highlights, yet again, how things that librarians and technologists use and are excited about have a long ride downstream.

But like I said, more thought is forthcoming. I just didn't want to lose the threads.

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