25 April 2007

Blogging the world

What are two of my favorite historians doing as I am sifting through my student's papers? Blogging their way through the Middle East!

Here's my shout out to Rob Williams and Gary Scudder: two professors from Champlain that are currently traveling, and BLOGGING, in Jordan, after knocking people's socks off at the International Conference on Interactive Mobile Computer Aided Learning (that's a mouthful).

These two guys are really taking the time to share their experience with us: intellectually, culturally, hygenically (I love the picture of Gary getting a straight razor shave!) Isn't it amazing that blogging can connect us in such a intimate way through mass communication from thousands of miles away! Wow, technology is cool.

Safe travels you two!

1 comment:

david silver said...

so, so cool.

i love the idea of using a blog to document parts of travel, parts of study abroads. i've seen such blogs written by students but not by profs. excellent.