12 July 2011

Where are the librarians?!

I love reading about Wikipedia and love when I learn about new ways to use it. So, it was exciting to read this article from Inside Higher Ed about Wikipedia's efforts to expand and improve their reputation in higher ed. I wish I could have gone to their first conference on Wikipedia in Higher Ed!!

Wait a second...why didn't I?
And come to think of it, why didn't you?
Where are the librarians in all this?

Know anyone that went? Know anyone that blogged it? And if not, why?


Rachel said...

I didn't go, but I am part of their campus ambassador program and would be happy to talk about it more with you if you like. I think librarians are definitely part of this movement :)

The Sheck said...

Rachel, Great to hear! I'd love to know more about the "campus ambassador" program. Who initiated that relationship? What does it entail? It's such an exciting shift on their part, I was surprised to read the article and not to have heard anything about it in the blogosphere. Do tell!