15 September 2009

Hello? Opportunity? Is that you?

Opportunity knocks. You have to decide if you are answering the door.

Well, I am answering. My incredible partner in crime and constant source of inspiration, Rob Williams, and I are taking our show on the road. Our enthusiasm, prowess for things digital, and creative energy around social media is coming to Vermont's Upper Valley in early October. We are looking forward to working with artists a bit south of here to make their foray into social media.

Here's the description. If you have questions, let us know! If you are interested, SIGN UP! If you are reading this, please share this opportunity with others. I hope to share more opportunities like this in the future!
Twitter Me This: How Writers and Artists Can Harness New Web 2.0 Media For Creativity and Business Success

TEACHERS: Rob Williams, Ph.D. and Sarah Cohen

SPONSORED BY: The Writer's Center and Vermont Commons: Voices of Independence.

WHEN: Tuesday, October 6th from 6-9 p.m.

WHERE: White River Junction's Center For Cartoon Studies.

COST: $30

DESCRIPTION: Are you a wordsmith who hates the thought of wrangling the Web? Then come to this three hour workshop, where we'll teach you how to harness the power of new Web 2.0 tools - Twitter, Blogger, Google, RSS Readers and more - to support your work as both a writer and an entrepreneur. Sign up for this workshop, or find out more information by contacting Rob Williams at editor@vtcommons.org or (802) 279-3364 (mobile yak phone).

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