10 October 2007

Champlain Gamers...up, up, and away

Rock on Jenny Levine, (aka the Shifted Librarian) for highlighting Champlain College's gaming students in this post. Our gamers really are amazing and I wish them the very best of luck in this hard core contest. I know they will rock it in Orlando!

These are the same students that are working with the Library to develop an information literacy game to complement are developing IL program. We met for a brainstorming session last night and they are a rowdy, smart, creative bunch. They latched onto key IL concepts and ran with it, offering a slew ideas as to how to make information literacy exciting to college kids everywhere.

More to come on the project. Exciting stuff coming out of Champlain...


Anonymous said...

*YOU* rock on, Sarah - you're the one actually doing something! :)

Jenny Levine

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Sarah, for this post and your link to Jenny's post. As you know I am interested in libraries and gaming and I quickly passed this along to my librarians and the instructor they are working with. I'll keep you posted on what this class comes up with.
David Berona
Plymouth State Univ