01 March 2007

Library's Blogs?

My fellow funky librarian, Paula, and I were discussing whether blogs would serve a purpose at the institutional level? Does the Miller Information Commons need a blog?

We think no. What would we say? For example, my previous post on Copyright is a personal experience. If I had to write solely as a representative of the Library, and not as a individual librarian, that post wouldn't be up for all of you to see (tongue in cheek).

We scanned Google for library blogs and found a few, but none kept up, which proves our point: what is there to say from the institutional perspective?

Well, then Paula mentions (she is standing next to the Sheck as she writes), that our local community college, CCV, has blog . And it's pretty cool. They aren't limiting themselves to just library stuff. They have a post for the Oscars for pete's sake! How is that library related? Or is it? It brings us back to the question of image: what is the library and to whom? Is it so hard to believe that the library could be fun? Funky? Interesting? Entertaining?

No way. They just have dusty old books over there and old ladies with buns. (Paula Whoops!)


Elaine said...


I wonder. What could the purpose of a library blog be? How about challenging some of the misconceptions that students have about research and information gathering? How about raising issues of source citation and how to find the right information for the right moment in time? Come on out of the stacks! (grin) I think a library blog could be AMAZING and might just push interesting opportunities your way. I'd read it! As a matter of fact, I'd contribute to it as one of the professors here on campus!

Of course, I'm biased....

The other up-side to blogging for the library? Search engine Optimization! It will help others to find the library virtually and Champlain College too.


The Sheck said...

Excellent points and something that we were just discussing this morning after looking at some other library's blogs. Thanks for the ideas and the feedback. It is filed in the Under Consideration folder at the MIC.